Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Toss Your Problems to the Croc

In honor of this kickstarter project WC has been mentioning, I thought I would write up a spell with one of our favorite gods.

Toss Your Problems to the Croc

-flowers/flower petals
-a large bowl of water or access to a creek/pond
-picture of a crocodile or alligator

Fill the bowl of water or visit your favorite creek/pond. Take with you the picture of the crocodile, even a simple printed picture will work. Along with the picture take a bundle of flowers or flower petals. Sit beside your water source and place your picture beside you. One by one, take up a flower/petal and think of a single problem you have been struggling with. Focus all of that into the flower/petal; say it aloud as well. When you have focused enough of that energy and tension into the flower, toss it into the water. When you do, say...

"Rip and tear these troubles away,
Great Croc, Sobek, in waters I pay."

For every flower/petal you have focus a problem, trouble, woe, or other drama that may be effecting your life at this time. After each flower is tossed in, say the phrase to Sobek. When you have finished, stand and give thanks to Sobek for releasing your troubles.

If you have a bowl, toss out the water away from your property. If using a creek or pond, give extra thanks to the land spirits for helping you.

When you can, wash your hands and release the negative thoughts.

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