Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon Sigil

As the blue moon occurs tonight I thought I would write up a new sigil to use. 

Prayer on Sigil:
"Clarity be given to me as moon turns full and stars burn free. Goddess grant the blessings unto me in humble love I do beseech. Warm winds move and waters be still as moon shines bright over the hills. God grant all the blessings within that heaven first placed in hearts of men. From northern star to southern fields, opened are the gates in me."

-Printed and glued to the back of a mirror. Tonight (blue moon) catch the reflection of the moon in the mirror. Say the prayer or one of your own to charge the mirror  with the clarity of communication between yourself and the Universe. Every time you wish to commune with the gods set the mirror on your altar or opposite you. 
-Place the sigil under a bowl of water. Try to catch the moon's reflection in the water to scry. 
-Placed on the altar of an esbat to strengthen communication between Goddess and coven.
-Printed and cut out. Write a wish or desire on the other side of the sigil and burn it safely to send the prayer to the Goddess. 
-Using henna or ink, draw the sigil on your palms and use them in energy work. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blue Moon Prayer

"Great Goddess of the open sky,
Star crowned Goddess that draw us nigh,
Every orb of heaven swells in your womb,
Under this the full, blue moon,
Guide our hands and guide our hearts,
In this great rite we do take part,
Blessings granted by your touch,
Shall be valued with all we have."

art not owned by wc. original here

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Time of Thanks

As the season of autumn comes forward, Mabon is drawing near. There is much to be thankful for this year and in our lives as a whole. We at The Witches Collective are proud and excited to see how far it has come in the past year. The Mysteries of the Divine Apprenticeship Program has had a huge number of students enroll. There are been a few purchases from our Services. Our Book of Shadows has a huge amount of information that we are hoping to expand in the future. Our Shop contains unique crafts, that we are hoping to add onto. And of course, our Forum has a wide variety of information, discussion, and people to connect with.
We at The Witches Collective, are very thankful for our budding community and all the people that have supported us! I hope all of you can keep your hearts open to us as we continue to provide what we can for our community and the pagan paths.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tea Spell

As this marks a special day for tea with me personally, I thought I would share that a little with everyone. If most people don't drink tea, there are many benefits to it. It has vitamins, antioxidants, and even a variety of levels of caffeine if you want to have only light caffeine. Tea can also be served hot or cold, as in iced tea. So with that said, let's continue on.

-tea (loose leaf or bagged)
-teapot (with strainer if loose leaf)
-your favorite tea

Start by heating up the water in your teapot or in a separate pot if your teapot is not stove safe. Once the water is heated up, take it off the stove and add your tea. As you add your tea imagine all the positive qualities of the herbs moving into the hot water. Think of your future goals and pick out one in particular. Visualize your goal and say it aloud as you add the tea to the hot water. Imagine the herbs glowing a bright color and as they sit in the hot water see them turn the water the same color. Hold that in your mind and say,

"The Cauldron sit upon the fire,
Boiling in my heart's desire,
In the water it does move,
And in my heart it does soothe."

Add sugar to your mug and when the tea has steeped enough, add in the tea. Stir and drink, knowing your goal is waiting ahead of you.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blue Moon

This month is a special treat. A blue moon will be occurring on the 31st of August. This is a special time and quite rare. The blue moon is not given a seasonal correspondence but does have a spiritual one. Like Samhain, when the veil thins, the time of a blue moon create a clearer connection to the Universe and the Divine. Using this as a basis, the blue moon is a great time to establish connection to Deity, initiate new people into a coven or tradition, or work for the healing of another.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spell for Comfort

With the tragedies in the last month and the coming festivals of harvest, let's take a minute to give thanks for our lives. Then, send prayers to those who have been effected by both the Aurora and Sikh Temple shootings.

Spell For Comfort

Goddess: Nebet-Het (Nephthys)
Goddess of hidden things, grief, the dead, the home, the temple

-small basket
-white candle
-picture of the injured or newspaper clipping of incident

Place the basket on your kitchen table or flat surface you can see easily. Place the candle, in a fire-proof holder, in front of the basket. Place your picture or newspaper article in the basket. You can add any offering such as food, herbs, stones, a letter, flowers, or a card. Stand up straight, look at your small basket and candle and close your eyes. Hold the image of the person or people in your mind. Let your emotions come up to the surface. When you can, say,

"Nebet-Het, Lady of the Temple,
Western Star and Guide,
Deliver your comforting embrace,
Bring peace where none was before,
Tame hot pains with cool water,
And to deliver all to the Western shore."

Give a moment of silence to let your prayer to the goddess sink in. Let the basket sit out and the candle burn out if it is safe to do so. Blessings to those in need.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Lammas!

Happy Lammas!
Today is one of the fire festivals and a day of harvest! I hope everyone has a blessed Sabbat.
Our Lammas Newsletter is packed full of great info, spells, and ritual for this sabbat!
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