Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Healing Spirit Circle

Healing Spirit Circle

to create a source of emotional and spiritual healing for the spirits and beings in need.


  • 5 candles (white is preferable) with fire-proof contains/plates for each
  • Pictures of (deceased) relatives, angels, totems, and other good spirits
  • bowl
  • cup
  • water
  • bread (or pastry)
  • matches or lighter
  • other items of healing (herbs, stones, etc)

In an open area, place your candles around in a circle so there is room enough for you to sit and move about the circle. Set the bowl and cup inside the circle to the west. Around the bowl and cup lay out the pictures of your honored dead, pictures of animal totems, and other healing items. Light the candles. Fill the cup with water and the bowl with bread. Sit facing the west and take a deep breath. Relax and image the circle you created filled with light. Place your hands to your chest and feel your heartbeat. Focus on your heartbeat for a minute and imagine that each time your heart beats the circle pulses as well. Visualize it pulsing along with your heart. Take another deep breath and allow the positive feelings in your heart bubble up and become part of the pulsing circle. Once you have a high level of good energy, look down at your pictures. Say,

"Spirits here and spirits passed,
Honored in these times I call,
To all of you I set a task,
Come for healing do you draw,
From the circle to heal your wound,
That earthly matters have undone.
No ill-will may you bring,
Into this place of selfless means."

Go into light meditation to keep up the positive energy. Visualize taking in energy from the earth and sending it out into the Universe in a healing manner. If there are any loved ones that may needs= healing, imagine them healed. Let the water and bread be an offering to the good spirits. When done, blow out the candles, and leave the offerings out until the next day.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Tool that Talks

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The Talking Board and Ouija Board season is upon us. There are many stories concerning these magickal tools. Although they are not suggested for new or inexperienced people, there are ways to cut down on the risk of using these tools.

Take away the creep factor
Try using the boards in lit rooms or under decent lighting. No one said you HAD to use it under very dim lighting, it just adds to the mystic and atmosphere.

Set up some protection
By smudging your home first or creating some protection charms/elements to place around your home. It is not about blocking all spirit communication, it is about blocking out the 'spirits that wish harm or mischief.' That is the key phrase to use. Even invoking the name of angels, gods, goddess or a protective spirit to watch over your home can be useful.

Bless the tool 
By infusing your board with positive energy you keep harmful spirits from attaching to it. By saying a prayer over the board and planchette, filling it with the good energy that would protect your working, harmful things can be pushed away.

Invitation only
You can call on specific beings, such as ancestors and spirit guides, only. Craft a prayer or simple chant to allow only 'positive and good spirits into our space.' Bring pictures or passed relatives, pets, or simple sketches to make your intention know who you'd like to talk to. And leave out a little offering for them, such as their favorite food or drink. Using a tip from above: invoke the names of good angels spirits or gods to secure that only the spirits invited or non-harmful come into your space.

More than one
Always use a board with more than yourself. The added energy not only boosts the strength but doing the protections, blessings, and invitation together boosts the strength of those as well making it that much easier and safer.

Never go to boards angry
Your mood can severely change the type of experience you have with a ouija/talking board. If you go to a board with anger and spite in your heart, you will attract those types of energies to you. Always approach a session in a spirit of fun, love, awe, and certainty. Before your group takes up the planchette, do some fun things and get laughter in your space. Do a little dancing, crafting, just something fun to fill up your space with good vibes.

Be safe as you explore with these tools and try to enjoy the experience!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Feast of the Three Great Ladies

Today is the feast day of the Three Great Ladies. It is a Kemetic (egyptian faith) holiday. The three goddesses to commune and celebrate are Isis, Hathor, and Nephthys. Isis is the Goddess of Magick, Hathor is the Goddess of Joy and sun, and Nephthys is the Goddess of Shadow and Time. They almost reflect the ideas of the Triple Goddess. Hathor steps in as maiden, Isis as mother, and Nephthys as crone. Although the 'ages' may not align, their energies seem to. So today why not set out three simple offerings in honor of these power house goddesses? Something simple is the set out something white (for Hathor), something black (for Isis), and something red (for Nephthys).  Here are a few correspondences if you'd like to know these goddesses better.

These are just very short correspondences so if you want to know them better just doo some research on your own.

Hathor (Het-hert)
role: solar queen & joy deity
colors: gold, blushes, cream, white
animals: cow, lioness, falcon or hawk
hieroglyph: falcon inside a house

Isis (Aset)
role: mother and magick goddess
colors: green, teal, black (represents fertility & good soil), white
animals: kite
hieroglyph: throne

Nephthys (Nebet-het)
role: guide and shadow goddess
colors: white, black, and red (representing the infertile desert)
animals: vulture
hieroglyph: temple floor plan and basket

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Masks - Magickal Tool

Masks have been used in various cultures around the world for centuries. They are used in a variety of ways including in theater, ceremonies, religious acts, and protection. The mask can be, and has been, used in rites of initiation, healing, rituals for hunting, fertility, and much more. It is part of our global heritage.
They have been found all over the world from Japan, China, to North and South America. They are linked with all aspects of live and magick.

When you don a mask you are taking on the aspects of that mask. If your mask has bees on it, you are trying to take on the attribute of the bee. The stronger the association you have to the mask the more powerful its connection to you. When you personally craft a mask, it is imbued not only with the energy of its image but with your personal energy.
In this holiday season, masks can be seen everywhere and blank ones found in craft stores. Crafting your own mask is a powerful experience and it can become a powerful tool.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Apple Blessing

The Apple Communion


  • apple
  • honey or caramel
  • plate
  • cup or small bowl
Cut the apple into slices and lay them on the plate. Set the honey in a small bowl beside the plate. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Visualize the tree the apple could have come from. See it sway in the wind, deeply rooted to the earth, and soaking in the sun's rays. Feel the glowing energy of the earth pulsing through the tree and filling up its fruit. The fruit that sits before you. Relax and say a blessing,

"Bright blessings fill the fertile earth,
Sun's light give it strength,
The pulse of power through me move,
Into the apple's heart.
Linked are we to the earth,
And linked it calls us back.
Blessed be!"

Dip the slice into the honey/caramel, the sweetness of the earth, and partake. Share the apple with those who could use the blessing.
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