Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Students and teachers

Hope everyone had a great Samhain and Day of the Dead!

The student-teacher relationship is always a tough one. In many respects each relationship is different and tailored to the student. In the spiritual paths students have a lot of expectations of their teachers. Whether they expect them to act a certain way, teach certain things, or go at a certain pace. And teachers almost never  meet all the expectations, but after a time the student learns this and that responsibility to the student is met. But what responsibilities do students have to their teachers?

This is something that all teaching groups come to understand and create over time. Soon the teachers set out guidelines and expectations for their students. It becomes something solid and respectful to all involved. This is a great outlook to take when working within any learning relationship. Even if your teachers are deity, angels, totems, spirit guides, etc. Learn what they expect from you, their rules to follow, and clearly set out your expectations as well. Then all parties come to the table in honesty and respect.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tools for Every Day

With Samhain coming close the activity has been kicked up a notch. There is power in the air and spirits roaming the forests. Many sensitive people can become overwhelmed at this time because their gifts can power up to an uncomfortable level. This is a good time to remember the quick tips for keeping yourself excess-energy free.

Cleansing is when you rid yourself of unwanted or negative energies. It helps you shed the emotional energy of yourself and others as you have gone about your day. The most well known cleansing method is smudging. Where you burn sage and 'bath' yourself in the smoke. Also done for homes and cars. Salt mixed with water can also be used for cleansing, as long as it won't harm the items in your home. Salt water baths are good for personal cleansing.

This is a common technique where you go into a meditative state to center yourself and 'root' yourself in the earth. It helps to re-energize you and flush out the excess or foreign energy you may have collected in your everyday life. Your meditation focus is visualizing yourself standing upon the earth. The most common practice is to imagine yourself growing roots into the earth like a tree. I have also heard of sending your awareness, a star from your third eye, and other symbols for your body into the earth core to anchor you. When you are done with meditation you simply retract the item(s) and be on your way.

Shielding is another common technique but this should be done after a cleansing. Once your body is cleansed of the unwanted energies you can do grounding as an optional step to re-energize you with earth energy. Then you sit quietly and take a deep breath. When ready exhale slowly and imagine a bubble of energy building up around you. If you have trouble with a bubble, you can visualize a ring, robe, or armor instead. The energy can take any form that you are comfortable. For instance, my bubble usually appears in my mind as ice or crystal. But your bubble could be fiery, leafy, or metal. Once your bubble/armor/ring is up relax and say aloud, "I am protected from unwanted energy. Only good may pass." Simple as that. If you feel the need to you can reaffirm this during the day.

For the everyday witch, sensitive, or empath these are great tools to help you remain you through your everyday life. Especially for this time of year. Good luck and blessings.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


The Mysteries of the Divine Apprenticeship Program has been resolved and is back up in shape! I encourage students to also register on the forum for more information.

For awhile MDAP has been having issues. I am glad to say that they have been resolved! Our school is back and ready for action. REMEMBER, in order to unlock ALL lessons and tests you will need to register on the MDAP site. From there you'll login and return to MDAP site. Where two new links will show up. Then you can read the ethics  lesson and take the test. When you pass ethics it will be saved automatically. From there all other lessons and tests will show up in the lesson and test page through the MDAP site. Good luck!!

Monday, July 8, 2013


It has been a while and WC is still going. MDAP is completely site bound now and is there for all who want to learn. Our Sabbat Newsletter is going strong packed full of useful information.

WC Services are still available so make sure to check them out.

Monday, March 11, 2013

A few updates for Spring

With Ostara coming up, there is a lot of change on the horizon. Now is the time for spring cleaning! And after cleaning there is nothing better than a home blessing and a personal cleansing.

WC is going strong and there is still a bright future for this community! The school will continue to gain popularity as it becomes primarily on-site. We are continuing our newsletter and hoping to see WC's school help out the pagan community as a whole.

WC is also giving the invitation to those who are going through MDAP that, after passing through the school, becoming part of the Sky Cradle Tradition. A goal-oriented eclectic tradition. The main goal is to promote healing of the self and the community. Give them a look over, as it is an up and starting tradition.

Last mention of The Ancient Egyptian Daybook. It has 3 days left and still has some goals to go. I think this can be a fun project that I, for one, am looking forward to.

Have a great spring everyone and blessings!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Toss Your Problems to the Croc

In honor of this kickstarter project WC has been mentioning, I thought I would write up a spell with one of our favorite gods.

Toss Your Problems to the Croc

-flowers/flower petals
-a large bowl of water or access to a creek/pond
-picture of a crocodile or alligator

Fill the bowl of water or visit your favorite creek/pond. Take with you the picture of the crocodile, even a simple printed picture will work. Along with the picture take a bundle of flowers or flower petals. Sit beside your water source and place your picture beside you. One by one, take up a flower/petal and think of a single problem you have been struggling with. Focus all of that into the flower/petal; say it aloud as well. When you have focused enough of that energy and tension into the flower, toss it into the water. When you do, say...

"Rip and tear these troubles away,
Great Croc, Sobek, in waters I pay."

For every flower/petal you have focus a problem, trouble, woe, or other drama that may be effecting your life at this time. After each flower is tossed in, say the phrase to Sobek. When you have finished, stand and give thanks to Sobek for releasing your troubles.

If you have a bowl, toss out the water away from your property. If using a creek or pond, give extra thanks to the land spirits for helping you.

When you can, wash your hands and release the negative thoughts.
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