Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Storm Moon - Winter Prep.

The end of November marks the Storm Moon. This Esbat is one of preparation before the coming winter. Time to hunker down and tie up loose ends before the snow rolls in to cover it all up. In readying for winter cold, remember to do some last minute protection for your home, car, pets, and office.

Simple protection chant:

"Round and round this place I draw,
A circle bound in warmth and care,
Carefully kept in loving arms,
Keep these safe and fair."

Visualize your object or space being circled by white light throughout the winter.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Hopes

This week is Thanksgiving, a very popular feast day for Americans. While it means a huge amount of food for most, it marks a day of greed, the stretching thin of native cultures, and the massive bouts of disease that swept through the land. But it is our hope you feel no anger. This has happened many times in many different cultures. The Universe moves in ways we as mortal beings can not understand and it will most likely happen again to another people someday. This thanksgiving should be remembered and honored as a day of forgiveness. Forgiveness of the past and celebrating the hopes for the future. Bright blessings to those around the world this week and those who can forgive the past of their 'enemies' as well as their friends.

"Earth mother, earth mother,
Do you not hear?
The children are crying,
The women shed tears.
Sky father, sky father,
Will you not act?
The land is dry,
It's spirit is racked. 
I sat under storms,
I sat beneath snows,
And now I see,
We all shed our woes."

Monday, November 12, 2012

Colorful Healing

as in our theme of healing, here is a spell.

Colorful Healing


  • blank poster
  • picture of person in need of healing
  • paints (including any glitter, glue, or other decoration)
  • paint brushes
  • marker (green if possible)

Set out the supplies and hold the person's picture in your hand. Stare at the picture and visualize the person in front of you. In your mind, see them healthy and happy, full of life. Hold that image in your head and close your eyes. Feel your love towards this person in your heart and let your wish for them ring in your mind. Say,

"For you I see good. 
For you I see health.
For you I see happiness.
Accept all goodness that comes,
Embrace all love around you."

Open your eyes. Glue the picture in the middle of the poster board. Decorate the poster board in all colors. Write the person's name in green marker over their picture. Paint positive words, pictures  and any other image that brings good memories. Add other pictures of them, their family, and anything they love if you have them on hand. When it is done you can hang it up for a focus of healing thoughts or if it is for another person, give it to them as a well-wishing focus.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Cold Time Prayer

"In winter skies adorned in snow,
Goddess dances through the cold,
In clouds of grey in windy times,
God does dip his hands to fire,
Warmth in heart, mind, and soul,
Divine love does make us whole.
Stillness of the lips do sign,
Quickening of our minds,
In joy do we embrace the our love,
That gods bestowed from above.
Thank all that string us hand in hand,
The Nature of a larger plan."
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