Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Students and teachers

Hope everyone had a great Samhain and Day of the Dead!

The student-teacher relationship is always a tough one. In many respects each relationship is different and tailored to the student. In the spiritual paths students have a lot of expectations of their teachers. Whether they expect them to act a certain way, teach certain things, or go at a certain pace. And teachers almost never  meet all the expectations, but after a time the student learns this and that responsibility to the student is met. But what responsibilities do students have to their teachers?

This is something that all teaching groups come to understand and create over time. Soon the teachers set out guidelines and expectations for their students. It becomes something solid and respectful to all involved. This is a great outlook to take when working within any learning relationship. Even if your teachers are deity, angels, totems, spirit guides, etc. Learn what they expect from you, their rules to follow, and clearly set out your expectations as well. Then all parties come to the table in honesty and respect.
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