Monday, January 28, 2013

Full Forum Cleaning

As spring comes along I will be doing something a little different.

As a few may have seen, WC Forum was spam-attacked not too long ago. even now the forum membership is chock full of spam accounts. for those that wish to continue to contribute to the forum make sure to make atleast 1 post. Make an introduction or some other post. Your IP will not be blocked for those that like to simply read or anyone that may make a new account in the future. The member list will simply be cut clean of anyone that has not made a single post. Make sure to get your post in before Feb. 7th!

Bright blessings!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spell for Banishing

One of the most popular posts on WC Blog is the Sigil for Banishing unwanted spirits. So I thought I would provide another way to get rid of them. 

Spell for Spirit Banishing

-Black or dark red candle (minimum 5 inches tall)
-Black or dark red ribbon
-Fire proof bowl, big enough for the candle to sit in

Pick up your candle. Imagine it as a huge black (or red) tower than looms over your head. it is not scarey to you, but more like a guardian. Take the salt and rub it into the candle. Visualize the salt giving the candle its energy to purify. Taking the black (or red) ribbon, begin wrapping it around the base of the candle. We don't want it to burn when the candle is lit, but it should be wrapped around the base (first inch of candle). As you wrap, visualize your guardian tower filled with your spirit guides, angels, teachers, and beings that love you. The tower keeps them safe and gives them a vantage point to watch over you. When you feel that protective energy, say,

"The great tower about me stands,
No ill-will shall break its wall,
In light it gives its steady beat,
It banishes at my beckon call!
Be gone!"

Visualize the candle washed in this protective and purifying energy. Place it in the fire proof bowl. Pour salt into the bowl so the candle is surrounded. 
When ever you feel the need light the candle and visualize it, and all your spiritual allies, pushing oyut the negative.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Almond Light

Almond Light
prosperity spell

-green bag(s)
-green ribbon

Take the almonds and put them in the bowl. Put your bag(s) and ribbon to the side. Clap your hands twice and hold them, palms down, over the bowl. Say,

 "Easy come, easy go, until it comes again. 
 Know the source, know the times, and abundance will you tend." 

Close your eyes. Visualize the sun, brimming with power. See its rays being soaked up in the trees and plants. Imagine the sun's power soaking into the almond tree, which grows its nut from this strength. The almonds are reserves of sunlight. Visualize the bowl of almonds under your hands filled with the light of the sun. As you feel them radiating that energy, say what your need is. If you need money, say so. If you need a house or car, say so. Whatever your material need is, job, cash, or object, say it in your head or aloud. Keeping your eyes closed, see the bowl of almonds glowing with white light. As you hold your need in your heart see the white light begin to turn a beautiful shade of green. When you feel that the energy has been focused open your eyes. Take a few almonds from the bowl and put them in the green bag(s). Tie it off with green ribbon and keep it in your work place or where you keep your wallet. You can make many bags as gifts for others. Keep the bowl of almonds, however many are left, in the busiest place in your house.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Year of the Dragon - Ending?

So the year of the dragon is coming to a close. Whatever this means for you, it also means a fresh start. The year of the snake is fast coming. Take time to welcome in this new year's medicine. Snake is elegant, creative, and expressive. Let these energies guide you in this coming year! But give credit to the medicine of the dragon as it's influence fades.
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