Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tools for Every Day

With Samhain coming close the activity has been kicked up a notch. There is power in the air and spirits roaming the forests. Many sensitive people can become overwhelmed at this time because their gifts can power up to an uncomfortable level. This is a good time to remember the quick tips for keeping yourself excess-energy free.

Cleansing is when you rid yourself of unwanted or negative energies. It helps you shed the emotional energy of yourself and others as you have gone about your day. The most well known cleansing method is smudging. Where you burn sage and 'bath' yourself in the smoke. Also done for homes and cars. Salt mixed with water can also be used for cleansing, as long as it won't harm the items in your home. Salt water baths are good for personal cleansing.

This is a common technique where you go into a meditative state to center yourself and 'root' yourself in the earth. It helps to re-energize you and flush out the excess or foreign energy you may have collected in your everyday life. Your meditation focus is visualizing yourself standing upon the earth. The most common practice is to imagine yourself growing roots into the earth like a tree. I have also heard of sending your awareness, a star from your third eye, and other symbols for your body into the earth core to anchor you. When you are done with meditation you simply retract the item(s) and be on your way.

Shielding is another common technique but this should be done after a cleansing. Once your body is cleansed of the unwanted energies you can do grounding as an optional step to re-energize you with earth energy. Then you sit quietly and take a deep breath. When ready exhale slowly and imagine a bubble of energy building up around you. If you have trouble with a bubble, you can visualize a ring, robe, or armor instead. The energy can take any form that you are comfortable. For instance, my bubble usually appears in my mind as ice or crystal. But your bubble could be fiery, leafy, or metal. Once your bubble/armor/ring is up relax and say aloud, "I am protected from unwanted energy. Only good may pass." Simple as that. If you feel the need to you can reaffirm this during the day.

For the everyday witch, sensitive, or empath these are great tools to help you remain you through your everyday life. Especially for this time of year. Good luck and blessings.

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